Who are we?

IBERCO is an integrated engineering group with substantial existence since 1984 and consolidated presence in international markets, whose core activities are the manufacture of hyperbaric chambers, industrial facilities and weld heat treatments. Not forget supplies equipment for safety related applications.

IBERCO began its activities in 1984 with the objective of providing materials, offering designs and technical services to other companies, to the special units of The Army and Administration.

One of our major product lines are the hyperbaric chambers. All our products are designed by our own technicians in accordance with the most demanding regulations and are manufactured with the most avant-garde equipment in full compliance with specified in our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certifications.

Official authorizations

  • Manufacturer approved by Defense 7826 M º B.
  • DGAM registered Nº 5497 (Defense provider).
  • Manufacturer of Medical Devices (Hyperbaric Chambers) approved by AEMPS.
  • IMPORTER of Medical Devices approved by AEMPS.
  • Authorized manufacturer of pressure vessels. MU 55.
  • Authorized repairer of pressure vessels.
  • Authorized installer of pressure vessels.
  • Authorized installer of fuels and breathable gases. EG-IV-6.
  • Installers of sanitary hot water and conditioning system.
  • Installers of Low Voltage.

The common denominator of all our equipment is that it is reliable, ergonomic, easy to use, easy to maintain, long lasting and comfortable for the users. lts conlrol mechanisms guarantee maximum safety.


We want to make express mention of appreciation and thanks to the people of the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia and the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) of the Ministry of Industry, the actual aid provided in 1997 in the research and development with the subsequent production of a prototype “nonmagnetic hyperbaric development” successes, bound for the Spanish Navy minesweepers ships..


Continuous Innovation and improvement of production methods and systems

What differentiates our products and services?

  • Operator comfort with an ergonomic control panel design, having good swivel armchairs equipped with adjustable backrest armrest.
  • Operational reliability ensures long life of the installation.
  • Compliance with current legislation.
  • Proven solutions for over 20 years.
  • Absence accident in our history.
  • Simple to solve normal operations solutions.
  • Close contact with medical directors of facilities in operation, we show how we can continually improve.
  • Will immediate communication with our customers.
  • Investment cheaper material resources , resulting in faster depreciation of the facility.
  • Minimal maintenance required , reducing operating costs.
  • Never any of our facilities has had to suspend a session of oxygen due to failure , since 1995.

Continuous innovation and improvement of the methods and systems.

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c/ Lotos, 15
30205 Cartagena (Murcia) España.