IB-200, IB-230 Series. Custom Manufacture

Hyperbaric Chamber. Oxygen Therapy

Multiplace hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy. Iberco IB: 200 Series

We adapt to the space available so that it can be operated in compliance with all standards of the Ministry of Industry and Medical. We manufacture custom-made, with different diameters and lengths, for the required working pressure, as well as number of seats and their distribution in each compartment.

Common specifications

Polyvalent chambers.
Very comfortable.
Easy operation. Possibility of manual, semiautomatic and automatic operation.
100% Reliable with thousands of hours of trouble-free treatment or special maintenance.
High profitability.
CE Marked.
Safe, with fixed firefighting system in each compartment, alarm systems for warning the Operator and triple communication system between Operator and insideof the camera.

Hyperbaric Chamber. Oxygen Therapy

X-rayed: 100 % longitudinal and circumferential
Thickness Measurement For control, detection leaf
Ultrasonic Welding intermediate bottom
Liquid penetrant Couplings and peepholes
Hydraulic testing: Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Pneumatic Testing Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Tetual operation

Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)


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Manual control panel

Attached to the camera is the compact design control panel, grouping the services by compartments (chamber-antechamber).
Main features:
Easy maintenance.
Intuitive, for an optimal and safe follow-up of hyperbaric treatment.

Automatic control desk

Connected to the hyperbaric chamber, grouping the services by compartments (camera – antechamber).
It allows to operate the camera in semiautomatic or automatic mode.
Main features:

  • Customizable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Portable, with wheels that allow its displacement.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Graphic data recording system.
  • CCTV surveillance system, visualization and recording of images and sound.
  • Visualization of all the variables of the different installation systems, as well as the hyperbaric treatment.
  • IBERCOMATIC software validated by Notified Body in accordance with EN 62304 and EN 60601-1.
  • Alarm systems warning the Operator.
  • SIEMENS touch screen for system management and digital display of all its variables.
  • PC for greater convenience of handling, as well as extraction / printing of records of previous sessions

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